Add : sum, Total
Annihilate : Destroy, Cancel, Extinguish
Ascent : Proceed, Progress, Further
Association : League, Alliance, Federation
Bandit : Robber, Dacoit
Barbaric : Wild, Savage, Primitive, Uncivilised, Uncultured
Backward : Forward, Advance, Onward, Prompt
Before : After, Subsequently, succeeding
Belief : Disbelief, Suspicion, Misgiving, Distrust
Bliss : Sorrow, Affliction, Woe, Distress
Bright : Dark, Cloudy, Dull, Tarnished
Busy : Inactive, Insolent, Lazy, Idle
One word substitution:
A false or mistaken belief : Fallacy
All the plants of a particular area or period of time : Flora
A state of extreme excitement : Frenzy
To play game of chance, etc for money : Gamble
The loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious : Analgesia
A figure with many angles or sides : Polygon
Correct spelling :
Apology, Apparel, Ancestral, Battle, Beneficial, Correlative, Cemetery, Dialogue
Idioms And Phrases :
Come bye : get
Drew over : Win over
Long for : Desire
Hear someone out : To hear upto the end
To back up : To support
To close with : Accept
To read between the lines : To try to understand the hidden meaning
To turn over a new leaf : To change for a better
All and sundry : Everyone with out distinction

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