1. A list or plan of things to be done —– Agenda
2. An earnest desire for some achievement ——– Ambition
3. Having several possible meaning ———– Ambiguous
4. To cut off a part of the body ———— Amputate
5. A person who works for another to learn a trade ——- Apprentice
6. Without acknowledging or mentioning the author , worker ——- Anonymous
7. That can be heard ——— Audible
8. An account of a person’s life written by himself ——— Autobiography
9. One who studies people, society, and culture ———- Anthropologist
10. A person who designs building ———— Architect
11. One who studies the history and culture of ancient societies ——— Archaeologist
12. A place in which bees are kept ———- Apiary
13. Someone who shoots with a bow and arrow ——– Archer
14. A covered area where birds are kept ———– Aviary
15. One who is all-powerful ————– Almighty
16. To go with someone ————- Accompany
17. Gathering things that increase in number ——– Accumulate
18. Formal declaration of an accused person’s innocence in a court of law ——— Acquittal
19. Extreme hate for a thing ————- Abhorrence
20. Listeners and viewers collectively ———- Audience
21. By study by which one learns to appreciate art and beauty——— Aesthetics
22. A person who thinks it is not possible to know whether God is there or not ——— Agnostic
23. Fear of open spaces ——— Agoraphobia.
24. Carried thought the air———- Airborne
25. A special book for keeping photographs and picture ——– Album.
26. Support or loyalty to a person or thing ———— Allegiance
27. Condition of becoming ill when coming in contact with or eating something———- Allergy
28. A metal made of two or more different metals ———– Alloy
29. Someone equally skilful in right and left hand ————- Ambidexterous
30. Someone who does something as a sport or hobby and not for a living ——— Amateur
31. The study of the structure of the bodies of people and animals ————– Anatomy
32. A substance that kills germs ———— Antiseptic
33. A place where weapons and military equipment are stored ———– Armoury
34. That is created not by nature but by human beings ————– Artificial
35. Signature of someone famous ———– Autograph
36. Examination of a dead body by cutting it open to find out the cause of death ———- Autopsy
37. A shopkeeper who sells meat ——– Butcher
38. A man who has never been married ——– Bachelor
39. A factory where bread, cake, pastry etc. are baked ————– Bakery
40. Someone who helps a person or an institution ———– Benefactor

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